From the film Listen to me: Gayane, 27

When I went outside to play, I played with the boys, with mud, with things.

When we got older, as first or second graders, they started to fall innocently in love with me, they would tell me I like you, and this was very strange to me that they were able to fall in love with me.

I began to rethink about my orientation, when adult friends of both sexes started talking about their private lives, and roughly speaking insisted that I have a private life.

At that time there was some trend going on in the circle of younger people, all were smoking, drinking, each and everyone was trying to be “labeled” because they felt they would stand out from society and be more suited, more important, more unique.

I was thinking, if I too was under the influence of such fads, that this was a way of protest, but then I understood that I was like that, and if I went against what I believed about myself, I would destroy my own life more.

“Listen to me” is a documentary film about LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgenders) community in Armenia.
The film will be on the screens in October of 2016.