From the documentary “Listen to MeElvira, 25 years old

I have lived all my life as a heterosexual. I wouldn’t have imagined that in my lifetime, all of a sudden, something new might happen.

It happened that I had a serious emotional love affair towards a woman and every insight I possessed changed.  That woman was not from Armenia and I felt suffocated.

My mother was unwilling when I told her. I had been preparing my dialogue with her. We were talking as usual about men. Our conversation gradually directed itself towards LGBT concerns, and she asked me if I were busy with those issues and were interested in such matters since I work in that field. I took a deep breath and told her that I wasn’t for I was bisexual.

My sister attacked me verbally asking me if I were mad; do what you want but don’t you dare tell mom such stories, she may become ill, she said. What my sister told me put more pressure on me that day.

I had to justify myself why it was important to deal all the cards and put them on the table…because a huge chunk of my being was kept in the dark.

Later my mom told me not to cry, that whatever happens she loves me.

“Listen to me” is a documentary film about LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgenders) community in Armenia.
The film will be on the screens in October of 2016.